Monday, 3 December 2018

Here It Is: Trilogy's Nachtlichter from 1984

The original LP cover of Here It Is (bottom) was just brilliant, wasn't it?  Wish we could still see covers like that in the music industry.

I know that "Here It Is" is a masterpiece of prog (amazing how it's still given only a 3.38 review on stupid rym-- if you don't get prog, please don't rate it), but in my opinion their follow up, unlike Epidermis with Muster Burger, is quite listenable and enjoyable, pace Tom's opinion:

A mixture of early 80s styled fuzak and song-based rock sung in German.  Some of the instrumentals are inspired, especially the guitar work. The pop tracks recall same period Novalis, including some sophisticated arrangements. The instrumentation has a warm and early 80s digital sound. A long way from their excellent "Here It Is" album, but it's not terrible.

Consider for example the wonderful prog instrumental Gestern Abend:

For the aforementioned Novalis-like atmosphere, the song called Rouge:

Hopefully you'll agree it's well worth listening to a few times, and some tracks I've really learned to love, with time.  Can you really blame those poor artists for pandering to a more radio-friendly market?



    the earlier Here It Is:

  2. I and I am sure many other's agree. I you do not get the genre - At most state I like pop and move on!

  3. As usual, many thanks Julian! You mentioned them a couple of weeks ago and they immediately made it to my wishlist (thanks also to Youtube). This is pure magic from a lost era.