Saturday, 22 December 2018

Kolibri - Tsamadou (Germany 1981) and Blue Light - Reflections of the Inner (USA 1978)

Those who come to Kolibri from the 1985 masterwork Winterserenade will be disappointed by the first album from them, which is relentlessly straight folk and instrumental acoustic material, with plenty of cover versions including the Steve Hackett masterpiece Hands of a Priestess which they actually manage to destroy for me.  I mean, Winterserenade is one of the greatest chamber-folk-jazz albums in the progressive canon without a doubt, with its perfectly cohesive mix of just about everything musically acoustic, like the German version of my old favourites Baobab or Capon 4 Elements.  Anyways, rather that guarantee you will be disappointed, I'll leave you to determine for yourselves following that cold-water warning.

As for our other album, it's all-vocal soft rock reminding me most of my old favourite Lyons and Howell with the lush arrangements and the sweetness of the female singing.  The songs are not very strong and after a while start to run into each other with sameness.


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  2. Thank you for the great work. Could you upload Phileas Fogg Coma Depasse???