Friday, 21 December 2018

Nozomi Aoki 1999 and Tadashi Goino Group by request

The first album from 1974, by Nozomi Aoki, features some spacey synths and experimental passages that fit well in the role of soundtrack music, particularly if its role is to not distract from the visual, which it is in no danger of doing.  There is a lack of cohesion though with some simple pop with vocals, some dissonance tracks, some musique concrete from the artist doodling his synth knobs about.  I notice the composer made a lot of this kind of music but I'm not in too much of a hurry to seek out more.

The second request the Tadashi Goino Group in 1979 made only this experimental album with a great deal of noise and not so much to hang on to for the average listener, which we really aren't, except perhaps for the purposes of this post.  Note the cost of the album currently.


  1. Nozomi Aoki 1974:

    Tadashi Goino Group:

  2. Nice.Thanks.Do you have anything by U.S Fusion guitarist Mike Elliott? thanks

    1. do you mean this guy:

  3. Julian, Hope it's still time for some Christmas requests: :-)

    1) Blue Light - Reflections of the innner
    2) Kolibri - Tsamadou

    Thanks in advance!

  4. For Xmas 1984, I got all the Star Wars micro Hoth sets, and I didn't come down from that high for 8 months ;)
    Honestly, my surprise and elation upon seeing these gifts in this post was nearly comparable! Santa saves Christmas once again!!
    Now this goes for both a these holiday Gems, and I quote from the venerable Mutant Sounds, or utter aloud with glazed over eyes -
    "Godhead Alert!"
    A cosmic Magnitude 8 propels us into the phat grooves of 1999 A.D.
    Even before the first notes, clouds of cannabis smoke begin to billow from the speakers, then it hits! ((((((((ZAP!))))))))
    I'm talkin thick & hot! you need gold shades and welder's gloves,
    and at 2:59 in, I mean really...full UFO laser-beam eyes!
    I sent him into The Future! Ha ha dat ole Devil...
    By song #4 Just Follow Me onward...roll a number brother, let's relax and float downstream, because here's ringside seats for the last dance on the Edge Of Time...looking back across the universes and all the lives lived ...Had some good times, the pleasure was all mine:
    Dancing with my Dream!
    We look back as galaxies dissolve, planets explode, stars fall...
    With Peace Of Mind we say a Prayer,
    A Prayer for The Vibration Of Life and we
    Take That Happy Road straight into tomorrow.
    Sending a Smile to All Heroes Of The Vibration Of Life :)
    Making the time to feed a hungry child.
    "When we're as old as the oceans,
    our dreams will be as fresh as morning dew.
    A lifetime filled with yesterdays,
    that once were just today's Love for you."
    Thank You brother Nozomi :)
    And as we drift across inter-dimensional planes on this cloudy throne,
    the "Godhead Alert!" is definitely still in effect, for it is here we encounter the rare and wonderful Messenger From The Seventh Dimension!
    The first song made me say, aha! so Igor Wakhevitch's magnum opus 'Hathor' has a relative, like the trippy cousin from outta town :)
    2nd track 'Atlantis No Umeki' crashed all around me in blue jay way via the narrow way sonics as I felt the waves wash over everything in 7D...
    somewhere here my original field notes stated, "f***. I'm done. Achieved. full Contact."
    Well, 7D, that'll happen ;)
    Out in the barnyard, the chickens do their number,
    Out in the Barnyard, the cook is choppin' lumber,
    Jump in the pigpen, next time I'll take my shoes off -
    Hit the dirt, do a two-and-a-half,
    Next time I'll leave my hat on
    And track #4, Uchuu Karano Message 1, at around 6:35 coalesces into pure cellular harmony, unfolding luminous like soft pastel-glowing starcraft instrumentals, in a rich, dimly lit cafe... ...nevertheless it was Italy...
    some things are just love at first listen :) so even some serious blipping-off does no harm....keeps alive the overall atmosphere of being aboard a higher-dimensional craft or wavelength...
    And like the lights of Home within distance, we traverse into higher templates with the majesty of Japanese acid-surf from the future...
    We found Jimi Hendrix out on the Jupiter shores and the outer space acid-surf now never ends :)
    Merry Christmas brother, wishing the best for you and yours.
    Truly the best presents I'll get this year, you made my holidays happy bro, Thank You. I mean that.
    And as our esteemed colleague, Mr. Bill Plummer of The Cosmic Brotherhood, said,
    "Peace. Is what I had come searching for.
    Spiritual Comfort. Thoughts far, from those of war."
    Peace and spiritual comfort.
    Right On.

    1. I love it bro, I need to hand over the blog to you sometimes... :)

      Merry Christmas!

  5. Many thanks for the great Tadashi Goino electro-trip and have a great 2019!