Wednesday, 14 August 2019

2 Hungarian fusion albums: VA Session at Night (1980) and Tomsits Jazz Group's Dream and Reality (1978)

Here are two really wonderful Hungarian fusion albums.  Starting with the chronologically earlier Tomsits Jazz Group headed by orchestrator, pianist, and trumpeter Rudolf Tomsits (note the early passing at age 67) we have the perfect, for me, mix of fusion with european classical elements in an aptly named session called Dream and Reality.

The first and introductory track is called Dream:

While the Village Samba, oddly enough given the title, gives me everything I need from fusion and then more:

The other album here from 1980 is a VA.  Note that a number of different musicians have contributed to the whole, though it adheres together quite perfectly from beginning to end with a nice fusion energy carried through with creative and intelligent musical ideas, for example, eschewing the usual jazz or fusion chord changes and showing a depth of emotional sincerity that is very pleasing.
The Operetta:


  1. 1978