Monday, 19 August 2019

Japanese Moon Child Demo (1978-1981)

A series of three Japanese artists follows.

For the first time ever on this blog so far as I can remember (not far, obviously) there is no image for a recording.  And this is because it's a demo tape, whose provenance is unknown even to myself.  Not only is the origin a mystery to me, I will assume it's ungoogleable as well, though some out there are remarkably successful at digging up info on these rarities (cf. the Craft CD I posted earlier).

The remarkable thing about this demo tape is the side-long composed track called Moon Child, I think, which is squarely in the seventies symphonic progressive tradition with a mix of movements, styles, passages, employing all the classic instruments: mellotron, electric guitar, chamber instruments (fuzzy electric violin), etc.  It's most similar I suppose to some of the French or Italian mellifluous side-longs such as Latte e Miele were so successful at (Pavana) or Pulsar's Strands of the Future, or Carpe Diem in Couleurs.  Another similar piece might be Smak's masterful Put od Balona, wherein fusion riffs and tender passages alternate in a constantly changing program music narrative.

Due to its length I can't post a sample, but trust me-- for those who love prog, you may die happy after hearing this one if this is the last thing you listen to...



    I was very happy to read a note by artist Julien B. who recorded First Snow stating he was working on a new album with orchestra, due out later this year.... nice to look forward to this one!

  2. Wow a little masterpiece...many thanks !!!

  3. many thanks julian,,brilliant drop m8!