Thursday 9 January 2014

Changes, Home Again and Some More Changes (1979, 1980)

When I checked in on the old prognotfrog posts, I saw that only the first Changes record was posted, and the link was dead, so I figured I would post these-- presumably there must be a demand for them.  Recall they appeared in the VA - Berlin Fusion album (despite their not really being fusion, as he pointed out in the writeup, describing it as "German jazz") along with Arakontis, Margo, and Chameleon.  Of the 4 artists, the last one is the best or most progressive.  

But I figured I should post these since I mentioned them so recently.  They are a great example of smooth, ECM-style German jazz.  Information here.  Notice the writeup of the band: "An obscure German fusion outfit featuring Wolfgang Engstfeld and Uli Beckerhoff, both formerly of Jazztrack."

Once again, the same remarks as before: the more you hear the more you need to hear.  Jazztrack was a very similar band with smooth jazz and tediously long improvisations who did 4 albums total.  I cannot say I recommend them, unless you're a straight jazz fan.


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  3. Great post ,mate.Love it.But the music is so different to Berlin Fusion,so I did some research.They are actually two different bands.The one on Berlin Fusion is :Niko Schäuble (percussion), Matthias Loose (bass), Joachim Litty (reeds), Joachim Seidel (guitar), Klaus Walter (drums), Dietmar Peetz (keyboards).
    The one on these two albums:

    Bass – Peter Bockius
    Drums – Peter Weiss (4)
    Piano – Ed Kröger
    Saxophone – Wolfgang Engstfeld
    Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Uli Beckerhoff

    Keep up your good work.This weekend will dig for the Rozz albums.

  4. Of course, it makes sense now. Thanks for the info.

  5. Any chance these will get uploaded again?

  6. Any chance these get uploaded again.
    Thanks for the outstanding collection of gems.

    1. no prblm here you go:

      Changes some more

      Changes home again