Monday 13 January 2014

Ilian - Love me Crazy from 1977, USA

 This is the kind of album that just keeps me going.  When a friend played this for me earlier this year, I almost fell off my chair when I heard it from beginning to end.  It's so beautifully and wildly progressive but in a pop dimension, with an electric California nuttiness, sunny and crazy, that is utterly beyond compare.

When I thought about posting this copy, which is from an Asian bootleg CD, I looked at the back and realized with a shock the LP seems to have 10 tracks, not the 9 on the CD.  And in fact it seemed suspiciously short as an album, less than 30 minutes.  So the explanation has to be that a track was left off and can only now be found on the LP or anyone who actually copied it.  I wonder if Tom Hayes in particular knows anything about this.

Note that earlier this year, the LP sold for 390 USD.  Now I believe this album is just fantastic, but I don't think I would ever pay that much for one record.  Especially since someone I trade with might someday get a copy of a CDR for nothing.

Listen to the crazy chord that starts off the second song:

How did these kids write these songs with so much creativity and originality back then?  Btw the songwriter for all the music is Leon D. Nahat, presumably his nickname was Ilian....  And whatever happened to Leon Nahat, like Karlos P. Steinblast from prognotfrog?

"hey Denise, my lovely sister
all the boys want to be your babysitter
so lift yourself and continue to shine
and tell all the boys to wait in line!

I'll be there to help ya
and find the one who will make you happy
and don't go jumpin' for the kid named Sammy...."

Incredible.  No, of course, don't go for that kid named Sammy (?Snappy)

Btw for an update on this interesting item, see the note on tax scam labels on Sunshine Makes my Day.



  2. upload this album please.....i need it so much.thnks in advance!

  3. In all honesty, I'm not familiar with that…. sure looks expensive, though. I will ask around for you.

  4. Thank you sir. It is very good.

  5. Thank you! Great album. Btw, isn't it "kid named Snappy"? ;)

  6. Do you think so? I wasn't sure, I listened a few times, and couldn't decide which it was. Kid named Snappy, of course, is more hilarious, could that be the intention?

  7. It sounds very much like Snappy to me. But as as a non-native English speaker I often have trouble hearing the lyrics, and I don't even pay that much attention to them.

  8. I thought that it was more probable that it was 'kid named sammy' because to say 'kid named snappy' would have been almost silly for him to write as a lyric. Too bad Leon couldn't tell us what he wrote.

  9. thank you for turning me on to this wonderful piece of music dont know how this was missed back in the day

  10. I'm told there was no tenth song on the album.. on the one hand it makes sense, the cd reissue shouldn't be missing a track, on the other hand, I've never before heard of a song listed on a record sleeve that never showed up on the record! anyone else?

  11. Any chance of getting this album?

  12. and the bigger question is, whatever happened to him, Leon Nahat? it's not too late to wait 37 years for a measure of fame! Many of these songs could be radio hits, even today.

  13. sure, I have all of the Katamaran albums, can post all 3

  14. so julian did you find any news about freedom unity - dynamic rock?

  15. FANTASTIC !!!
    D.J. ChinaBlack