Saturday 11 January 2014

The First Romantic Warrior from 1981, Germany (more to come)

Cd reissue wishlist reviewed this one long ago, with a priority none.  Personally I really like it, due to its inventive electric guitar-based fusion music.  Their next two albums went in a more new agey direction as you can tell from the titles: Planets, and Himalaya.  They are oddly rare altogether, though the music is quite enjoyable and listenable.

My favourite track is the ST one with its meditative minor chords, and the modulations are just ingenious. Note the use of the fuzzy vocoder (?) in the guitar solo later on:

Like Sir Gawain, the romantic warrior seems to have been a very tragic hero.


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  2. Very nice album.

    Here is the link for the two Rozz albums!G4YBCJYI!RkM_Ajz1DmSF4FQaiihRojXNhOpzF7u4yzxfavXvquY

  3. amazing fusion!!!!!! rare treasures!!!!

  4. New link for Romantic Warrior:

  5. Hi, could you possibly upload the third Romantic Warrior album titled Planet released in 1988? That'd be great. Thanks.