Wednesday 8 January 2014

RēR Records Quarterly -- A Series, Part 12: The Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 1 Magazine Scans

An essay relating to this drawing describes the inspiration which arose from the sign: Spa - Motel.

German expressionism from the inter-war period?

I wonder what has become of the artist today?  (Jane Colling, from London.)  I am reminded of Marcel Duchamp's piece in the Philadelphia Museum hidden behind the curtains.

An article about hypnagogic thoughts, i.e., those that occur at the start or end of sleep, "Dispatches from Nod" by Peter Blegvad.  It makes for some interesting reading and is in fact very well-written, discussing its importance in the spheres of literature and visual art.

For those interested in the discussions about the programme of music on this record, the information begins on page 47.  I love what Overflow writes about their oeuvre "Bakerloo Bugaloo," as well as the crazy Russian band ZGA.  There is a beautiful prose poem by Bing Selfish and the Ideals, who did one of those 50s-like songs I mentioned that I hated.  He actually made quite a few albums both with his band and alone, subsequently.

Overflow with their homemade instruments.

In this picture I'm not sure which is better, the gigantic alpenhorn, or the fact he [John Loretan] is wearing a mullet and baggy white shorts beside his poor neighbour's fence:

At the end, note the following statement below the headline "ReR Megacorp: eleven years of unpopular music:" "ÿou pay in advance and when the LP is released you get a special numbered and dedicated ed. with free extra subscription-only items.  Then you keep them for 27 years and sell them at auction to buy your retirement chateau."

In 2016 it will be 27 years but I don't think ebay will allow us to make that much retirement money from any of this material.  But that's not fair, it was clearly tongue-in-cheek.  When I look at the cost of the magazine-- 7 LB, I note that the record itself plus the magazine costs only a litte more today, even less if you were to purchase it at a used store in London, which is sad.


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  2. Do not know if it's asking too much, but you could also post these albums from ReR Quarterly

  3. Only managed to buy an original CD with a recording of Cassix (Cassiber + Stormy Six) and Duck and Cover, others have not.
    Like much of the music of the RIO movement and label RER.

  4. Thank you for posted RER Quarterly was only missing this
    "RER Quarterly Records - The Series, Part 7: The Quarterly Vol 4 No. 2"

  5. vol 4 no 2

  6. Just discovered today those wonderful reviews, Thank U So Much !
    Should be possible to load the following volumes that I miss ?
    Vol 3 No 2, Vol 3 No 3 and Vol 4 No 1
    BTW, Thanks Again

    1. are these missing from this blog, or did I once post them? I don't remember. If they are missing from this blog then I don't actually have them, was hoping someone would share them.

  7. Hi Julian, any chance of an repost of this?