Saturday 31 January 2015

Benoit Gignac's two ST albums from 1976 and 1980 from Quebec

A nice little discovery from my friend, recalling some of those symphonic-folky albums from the same Province as "Les Seguins" and "Le Temps."  This artist seems to be completely unknown, even in his native land.

The knitted image of the first record is of the Village of Baie-St.-Paul credited to Josee Filion.  For many of us it will remind us of the hobby that was popular in the seventies, not to mention the sweaters.

One impressively arranged track, which recalls to me the tender and well-thought-out Canadian folkist Raoul Duguay, called "Les Immortelles:"


And another, from the first album, called "Aria:"

Though these trend towards the melancholy and introverted as is my wont, be it known he was at ease also with jazzy, pop, and more proggish styles.  

And from these samples I think we can all agree his talent at songwriting was not just undeniable, but neither worthy of overlooking nor in the worst case, abandonment.

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