Friday 2 January 2015

Daybreak recorded in 1976, composed by Herbert Joos (requested by October Country)

Astonishingly, the gorgeous cover is not credited to Joos, though he is certainly a most capable artist (in the visual sense).

As usual this comes directly ripped in lossless from one of my dear friends' LP collections:

Herbert Joos is a German trumpet and flugelhorn player. He is also a graphic artist.

His bands during the years:

Fourmenonly, Herbert Joos Quartet, Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe, The, Part Of Art, S├╝dpool, Sputnik 27, Vienna Art Orchestra

Now again this is an outstanding combination of modern classical music and intellectual jazz.  For me it just doesn't get any better.

And of course for a minus 10 morning with the wind chill and dusty snow covering the asphalt everywhere, what more could you ask for than to gaze lovingly at this dark blue cover, listen to the track "Black Trees" and miss the warmth and green of the summer...


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  3. hm I missed that one back in the day, let me go ask around a bit it must be available somewhere since it was posted publicly back then, I'll get back to you soon bro

  4. Wonderful, I love trumpet-work and Joo's can be beautiful at times. I look forward to tasting this.

    Any palle mikkelborg you can think of? I have Buki Yamez, in mp3 as well as the Entrance cd's except one called: Palle Mikkelborgs journey too...Is this an actual cd? I've tried to track it down with no luck.

    aloha! Happy New Year" "Hau'oli (happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)"(how-OH-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho).

    1. I don't have any palle mikkelborg, I 'll go look around though

  5. Thank You so much bro! When you first mentioned this lp, I looked it up and was immediately struck by the awesome cover, moody and subtle, mysterious yet enticing...not unlike the music itself!
    Yes a good one to help pass the time when it's a nearly -20 below wind chill/blizzard outside...time for another number and some hot cocoa!!