Monday 5 January 2015

Marcia Meyer's magnificent oeuvre, part 2, Oregon Summer from 1983

In this record we have more lengthy compositions compared to the mildly slapped-together first record which was like an artist throwing all her ideas into a package as quickly as she could, albeit beautiful they were indeed.  She seems to have recycled two compositions, notice that the 'song for you' gets translated into French for 'chanson pour toi'-- fair enough, it's a song I could listen to every day; as well the B.C. Rainforest flute and guitar duet reappears briefly in the gorgeous 'medley' that is the highlight of side one and that I wish would go on and on but ends all too soon.  A big difference is the loss of vocals on this record which seems more to be pushing the chamber music dimensions, or perhaps proto-new age as I mentioned earlier.  Note the touches of synthesizer here and there.  As well, this time, arrangements are by Mary Watkins and the album is coproduced with Al Rempel.  It is to be presumed she plays all instruments, including the lovely oboe for the Canards (what other instr. could you use for the nasally sound of a duck?), flutes, guitars, and piano. Yet compositions are just as gorgeous, with the highlights being 'Cedar' with its majestic Gmajor7 and Cmajor7 chords and cello arrangements, and the title track, the 'Oregon Summer.'

Here is the former:

As I said with regards to Memo, I love you Marcia Meyer, and I pray your music could be better known today by everyone-- for what you created artistically is in no way inferior to the greatest art any human being has ever fashioned, at least to me.

A quick update, it appears her music is available directly from the artist on her website.  I will point you there and ask you do not share the download and I encourage you to purchase directly from her.  My apologies to the artist!


  1. Marcia Meyer 2

  2. You got me interested in her work too and I'm thanking you, not blaming you for offering free downloads - but I'd like to point out that her albums can still be bought in various formats on her website
    I'd also like to thank for this blog again, I tend not to write here when I download something, maybe I should list them... Off the top of my head I can remember Thilo Von Westerhagen's first album as one I particularly loved and added to my "physical" wish list.
    Have a nice day.

  3. PS. Yes, they're even available on vinyl... ;)

  4. Oh wow, no kidding? similar to the Martin Springett situation, where he offered to sell some copies of his record he still has.
    I didn't do my research, since I just got these copies from my friend who ripped them off the vinyls he bought.

    I would like people to get an idea of how good the music is first. I will delete the download link in a little bit on your advice though.
    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Yep. You're welcome. Maybe you could make it visible in your main posts that her actual records (and official downloads) are available, don't know if the link in my comment is enough for that...