Tuesday 27 January 2015

Silent Partner - Hung by a Thread

This album is very Genesis and Stackridge-like with the music-hall type numbers, folky material, silly lyrics, etc.  However the last track is a power-blast of fusion that will sweep you away like a jet engine does an unfortunate pigeon.  Having said that, it's quite hit and miss with a number of super-annoying songs, just as Stackridge used to do.

A Stackridge imitation, track 4 (or Genesis, either one, makes no difference to me):

I won't include the last, nine-minute long fusion track that blew me away utterly and made this lost album a classic entirely on its own, but pay attention to it, it's a stunner!

Many thanks to my friend for purchasing this record and sharing it with us.


  1. https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/pmglxq

    many thanks to my friend for purchasing and sharing this!!

  2. Very big thanks to you and your good friend for this!

  3. This is excellent.... thanks.