Tuesday 20 January 2015

Spinning Motion's Confidence in the Future in 1980 [review only, my apologies]

A beautiful little shiny gem of outsider art like those paintings classified as 'primitifs' who never received any art training, although, as I understand it, these musicians did play in the German jazz scene, as you can see from the database entries on RYM and discogs.  I believe the singer and pianist Manfred Tapper would be the mastermind behind this little priceless piece, although I shouldn't say priceless so much as budgetless in the case of those hoping to purchase it.  Nonetheless due to the odd gentle atmosphere and curious style of acoustic progressive pop-jazz they play, including some bossa nova rhythmed numbers that seem twenty years out of date, I would say this is really a progressive treasure.  Expensive and rare, but understandably so, as who could have enjoyed this music in the year 1980?

As usual I will post something when I am given permission, if it ever comes to be....

To get a taste of this style, here is the utterly unusual and charming "Playground of Burial Funds:"

Not only the title but the lyrics are worth listening to, with their oddly macabre but soothingly melancholy atmosphere.  The remainder of the record is just as good.


  1. I want. I want SO bad! It's great! geoffreywilimek@gmail.com. Thanks for all your efforts. Truly great music you have delivered to thousands. Much appreciated. I look forward to this share, should permission come.

  2. once it has entered the digital domain, it's just a matter of time I think

  3. this album will be republished in time ! The drummer of the band is my father :) heheh

  4. I saw that, on discogs! And I've very happy to hear about this news!
    So in time people will be able to purchase a beautiful clean version, perhaps this summer?

  5. http://www.hhv.de/shop/en/notes-on-a-journey-jazz-fusion/p:uHAL0A

    the album is now available on reissue!!