Monday 10 July 2017

Connivence III from 1984 by request

Look at the terrible cover photo for III!  what was the idea I wonder??? Renaissance artist meets Miami Vice set inside Tron?  Hello beautiful can I blow a trumpet up your...?  well as we all know we must be nonjudgemental when it comes to that decade.  At least the music is not Duran Duran-influenced.

Recall Gilles Legault, and his 1981 solo album?  Here's the remainder from his former group.  As I mentioned in his post, I believe he wrote the most beautiful songs out of all here, quite an achievement considering the size of the group initially, being quite magically haunting, expressive, and very poetic in terms of word choices.

With regards to this album, their third, his best contribution (of only 2) called Ou Vent Frissonne, is perhaps a bit too brief though clearly authentically inspired:

The remainder of the songs on III features a quite eclectic mix of reggae, folk-gigs, 80s style commercial pop, and a progressive instrumental track called Detour that is perhaps the highlight for the serious music fan:

Written by Steve Burman, who wrote a few other remarkable tracks for the first 2 albums.

Which recalls their 1977 installment in which an absolutely sublime progressive instrumental track called Lapin closed it out, written by one Charles Fairfield.  I always wonder about these artists who disappear after composing such majestic one-off things.  They must have done more, never revealed to the rest of us, perhaps abandoned...

In general the first two albums are the masterpieces, very similar to Broussard which I posted compleat in the comments last time, but perhaps a tiny bit better in terms of progressive inventiveness in the instrumental sector and sheer unforgettable melancholy beauty in the dept. of Legault's magnificent songs.  I sure hope and pray I'm not the only one who will start crying each time I hear his magnificent harmony vocals in the chorus of S' il y a de l' amour:

"If there is love, if there is love,
the shadow of my shadow will wait for me
nothing will allow it anymore to disappear
except the summer nights-- 

If there is love, if there is love, then so be it"


  1. Connivence III 1984



    and keep those requests coming, I love listening to music I haven't heard in years

    1. Sugestion: Om group.

      What about some composer music Minimal influnced like Nine Bells from Tom Johnson or Concert Requiem - Islands from Lubomyr Melnyk?

    2. here's tom johnson nine bells:

  2. and my apologies to Peter Berkow, who I featured before in the masterpiece Faculty Recital-- obviously he went on to have a great career teaching (university obviously), and in TV and music production:

  3. Gilles has a CD coming out in Fall 2017. How can we get a copy to you Julian Ryan?

  4. Would you please upload tom johnson again? thank you!!

    1. tom johnson nine bells again here: