Sunday 23 July 2017

Private Pressed Steven Bard Through the Fog of 1977

After the former post's great unknown US private press here's another, located this time in the acoustic Xian dept. of the department store (obviously not Sears).  I can't repeat often enough how surprised I am that there are still so many good albums worthy of consideration out there, and how thankful I am to those who find and rip them.   And I should add, who allow me to post an mp3 publicly, which as you all know, is not always the case.  Well, obviously, there are innumerable albums from this period, in all sections of the store, which are not worthy of consideration or a first hearing at all, and I just keep quiet about those.

Again, sadly, a one-off album from a ssw, this time from the wonderful (musically) year 1977.

Title track A1 will take it away to paradise:

"won't you won't you hear the shepherd's call, 
he's reaching out his hands won't you follow..."

And beautiful enough to make me almost want to be a born again christian too...

B4's Hollow Well combines some nice Nick Drake-like arpeggios with just a celestial harmony vocalosphere up in the sky: