Friday 14 July 2017

Csula Jazz Ensemble - Crusade 1980

Recall from earlier.
I presented the first album back there and this is the second one from 1980 with Bob Curnow still leader and prime composer.

A track called Manstae II really surprised me with its nicely unique chord changes:

Fewer horns, more electric guitar(s) and fender rhodes and it would've been sublime in my books.


A1 Crusade (Bill Holman)
A2 Of Another Time (Bob Curnow)
A3 Manstae II (Jeff Holmes)
B1 Shuffluphagass (Les Hooper)
B2 A Time For Love (Johnny Mandel, arr. by Hank Levy for the Stan Kenton Orch.)
B3 The Tenth Planet (Bob Curnow)



  2. I dig the work of Curnow with his L.A. Big Band, so this one seems to be a must-have! Thanks a lot, Julian!