Sunday 2 July 2017

Norwegian Band Vanessa, in 1975's City Lips and 1976's Black and White

This band blew me away when I first heard them, very early on in my prog initiation, since they sounded so much like my favourite Orchestra Njervudarov.

Their first record shockingly sells for several hundred euros now, though it seems like a basic funk-fusion work along the lines of Kjol, Moose Loose, Scope, Kornet, my / our old discovery Alpha Omega from Australia, and so many others....

Leaves of Love:


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    1. new upload

  2. Leaves of love is pretty dope.So I can't wait to listen to these 2 albums,thank you!!

  3. Loving Kornet,I have to give these guys a go.Thanks for the post.

  4. I know this band from their Black and White album, one of a very few (10?) released on the now rarified Compendium label. I had no idea there was an earlier album, which to me sounds as amazing as B&W. Thank you for doubling my Vanessa collection all these years later. I wonder what became of them...

  5. Hey! Can you please reupload these albums? Been looking for City Lips for years.

  6. Julian, thanks for keeping the link alive.