Monday, 22 February 2021

Klan, unreleased, limited time only

From discogs:

Polish rock band fronted by artist / singer Marek Alaszewski. They have reformed at least once since.

Probably they are well known for the Mrowisko album, which I guess most everyone has a copy of.  This CD constitutes unreleased material spanning a long range from the early 70s to twenty years later and was released not so long ago, so will only be limited time posted.  Anyways, I recommend you buy it as it's such welcome music for the prog-minded thirsting for original ideas and creative musical thoughts.  The track called Tryptyk reminds me so much of those great masterful and poorly known Eastern European bands like Panta Rei (Bartok), Experimental Q, etc.:

I threw in Mrowisko for those who haven't heard it.  Look at that beautiful painting they chose for the cover!



  2. Hot hot opening track on the lost & found comp!
    Echoing wavelengths of the immortal 'In A Silent Way' :)
    Interestingly enough, I was reminded more than once of one of my fave Lps from S. America, 'Paebiru' by Lula Cortes E Ze Ramalho....
    Yes symphonic 'Tryptyk' is the very powerful dark jam goodness that I can really never get enough of. And the later tracks are strong too, 'Chwila Nadziel' displays proper use of the drum machine! Ha! ....I could hear a couple of these fitting in on a Renaldo And The Loaf LP!
    Thank You for including the great Mrowisko Lp too...these memory jogs are needed! Can't recall the last time I listened to this absolute gem :)
    And that cover is outta sight moonie matter how ignorant, base and forgetful the others get on this planetary field, we must never let such wonderful creations on all fronts be forgotten! May have to spin some Igra Staklenih Perli next :) These old prog psych Lps were like magical grimoires, not just great music but also great engineers, graphic artists, arrangers, producers - all contributing their talents for a polished & powerful whole... hmmm working together unselfishly for a GOOD cause - what's that? ...this washed-up world of petty accusing tones has indeed forgotten.... Oh well, !@#$ 'Em! We will not forget nor tire of replaying them and collecting More. Hey I need that Lp bad, been on my list for 20 years! And such a great price too, its usually double that!! Every Lp is unique, they are not the same! :D hahaha ;)
    Thank You so much!
    Like the friendly lights of a Safe Harbor in the dark night of stormy seas,
    you've been helping keep the good ships afloat :)
    Thank you brother :)