Tuesday, 23 February 2021

One-off brilliance Both Hands Free from 1976


From the musically magical year of 1976 one of my favourite fusion albums of all time again, probably already well enough known not to need more exposure.  First of all that cover is just awesome and unbelievable. I'm reminded so vividly of all those pulp sci-fi novels I gobbled up in my childhood.  In their imaginations those writers came up with just about every imaginable crazy situation philosophy and astronomy could ever dream up in this heaven and earth, Horatio. Virtually nothing you can today come up with hasn't been thought of already in the past minds of those authors, although still writers are replicating the same concepts first created a lifetime ago.

But back to the music. The depth of invention here is just stunning.  There is emotional resonance and variety in the fusion that just makes it ne plus ultra, one of a kind, unique like so many other masterpieces, the aforementioned Steps, Sway, etc. (haha).




  1. https://www.sendspace.com/file/iin3oj


  2. Thanks julian, much appreciated!

  3. Ohhh Yeahhh!
    Into the subatomic strato-bliss we are propelled - sit back ad enjoy the ride, says R2 - he'll do the driving!
    Electric neon sherbert finish with glow-in-the-dark hover lights >>>>
    The $tyle here is So High we best roll another number and really get spacious ~~~~~ Thank You so much!!!
    Righteous brother. Righteous

    ps. this Great Lp brought to my mind another unjustly overlooked band, phoenix Arizona's Cartoon...Mutant Sounds posted their 3rd lp 'Music From Left Field' many years ago, but I was never able to find anything on their awesome-looking 1st self-titled album from 1982.....
    Anyone have a rip a that one to share? Thank You again my friend!!

  4. the three cartoon albums:

  5. a new place to live: