Friday, 16 August 2019

Slovenian Quatebriga in 4 albums spanning 1984 to 1997

From discogs:

Slovenian jazz group Quatebriga started in 1984 when Begnagrad members - bassist Nino de Gleria, drummer Ales Rendla and guitarist Igor Leonardi teamed up with saxophone player Milko Lazar and later with David Jarh. In the following years the group changed a couple of members but the firm base remaining Lazar - de Gleria - Rendla trio. In that time also some other musicians were working with the band: Aci Lukač - keyboard, Branko Mirt - electric guitar, Matjaž Albreht - flute and saxes, and Agim Brizani - percussion.

In any case, they made a mix of folk and fusion with RIO elements, even free jazz, similar to Kebnekajse and others.  The one drawback possibly is the recycling of material from one album to the next.

From the debut album, Uverture & I Remember Begnagrad:

Favorite Things, from 1987:


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