Wednesday 25 December 2013

Florian Poser's Lifeline (1980) Complete, and Lifeline's Linie (1981)

A defective first album for this band was posted here.  It was missing the last track, for some odd reason, I'm not even sure how this might have come about, perhaps when I copied to backup I missed copying one track from the original folder.  Luckily I had the original backup DVD to rescue me, and it was complete.  So please discard the old Lifeline 1980 album you got here, and upgrade to this complete, and lossless, copy.
As a bonus I have thrown in the second album from them called Linie, in lossless form.  They did a third album called Fahrt ins Blau, which is even smoother and mellower.

Please look forward to the continuation of the show-- coming soon are part two of the Northern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble, more entries in the ReR Records Quarterly material -- ouch you will say, but not so fast -- there are still some beautiful gems in this material that are worth hearing, provided you are open-minded to the progressive sphere of music, as well as a masterpiece of American funky hard progressive that just made me fall out of my chair when I heard it this year, I was shocked that something so ingeniously and deliriously wonderful was so little known, although it was released to CD in a bootleg edition in the Far East, it seems to be still little-chronicled among those who have extensively covered the alpha to omega of our favourite genre...
and of course, as usual, there will be -- promised --  some bombshells I will drop on you to keep you awake and to blow your minds, to make you realize there are still tons and tons of undiscovered beautiful music out there from this period, as Tom has said so often before...


  1. Lifeline 1 complete (this time):

    Bonus, Lifeline 2, Linie:

    1. new lifeline 2 lossless rip:

  2. Great albums.Never heard of them before.

  3. PLEASE RE-UP Lifeline 2 Linie !!!
    many thanks in adcance !
    D.J. ChinaBlack

  4. Here you go, lifeline 2 linie

  5. Thank you.Looking forward to try this.

  6. Hello do you happen to have Lifeline – Fahrt Ins Blaue album ? thank you