Thursday 12 December 2013

More library: Tony Hymas and Stan Sulzmann in KPM 1367: Insight, from 1986

Both Hymas and Sulzmann were luminaries in the Brit jazz scene.  If you look at their discographies you'll see they performed together in a few albums, I'll try to go through the ones that I know of.  First of all, Tony Hymas I've presented before in the Wessex Tales album as a composer and you'll notice similar material to that one on side one.  "Face to Face" I believe was presented by dusty shelf, the great library blog.  Their big collaborative masterpiece is the oddly-named record "Krark" from 1979-- just a gorgeous progressive-fusion album full of intense ideas and often featuring the odd pairing of saxophones and synthesizers which we heard before in the "SOS" album once posted on prognotfrog.

Stan Sulzmann was not quite as prolific as Tony Hymas as you can see from his discography.  The pair collaborated on two library albums (as far as I know, which is not much admittedly) of which this is the more disappointing, the first one, called Have Sounds will Travel, is a fantastic little funky library masterpiece, at least the first side is, because the second side doesn't involve these two musicians, instead feat. a very disappointing Les Hurdle and Frank Ricotti who almost is slumbering on this effort.  In regards to this album a lot depends on whether you have a taste for the eighties style, the drum machine, the reverbed chord, etc.

Here's a {slightly} well-written track that gives you a bit of an idea:

Now think back to that time in the mid eighties when CDs were about to blow away all this vinyl into the stratosphere... and fast forward to today, when we resuscitate this lost material for a tiny few people who appreciate this lost art form...


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    lossless First Light is here

  3. thankyou so much for first light !!Absolutely perfect quality, you re god!!

  4. Hello, Julian Ryan.

    Please, can you maybe reupload these four gems:

    Tony Hymas and Stan Sulzmann - Insight (1986)
    Thomas Clausen - Mirror (1979)
    Changes - Some More Changes (1980)
    Locals - The Young Lovers

    That's all, nothing else:-) please..

  5. thomas clausen mirror
    changes some more changes
    locals young lovers
    hymas insight

    1. Oh, wow. That was really fast!:-)
      Thank you soo much, Julian Ryan.
      Great blog. Beautiful music.
      I have one nice album, if you are maybe interested to post it here? Scalino Scaleno

  6. sure, post it, I haven't heard it before