Wednesday 4 December 2013

Now comes Edo Zanki / Don Anderson's Jetzt Komm' Ich from 1977

The curiosity overtook me and I was forced to buy this record on the basis of his prior installments as aka Don Anderson.  It's clearly the same singer with the beautiful warm voice born to sing rock unfortunately it is now singing pop and a couple of reggae songs in German.  What a shame that after such a superb opening in bluesy progressive rock in the early seventies he should move into complete commercial territory.  I apologize for the skips on the title track, A3, which few will notice I'm sure.  His songwriting still teeters a little too precariously close to the god-awful Elton John.  At any rate after this posting few will make the same mistake I made here.

The small songbird that most approaches the perfection of the eagle that once flew high is A4's Nie mehr, an excellent and beautiful song if you take it on its own radio-friendly terms:

Coming soon: more classic progressive gems, more fusion, more library, I bet you'll be surprised at how much great music is still out there from this period in time that you haven't yet heard, guaranteed.


  1. I bought this album while I was stationed in Germany, loved its quiet rock sensibility, and I've often wondered what he progressed to.

  2. Hi, could you please re-up this, thanks so much