Sunday 15 December 2013

Rē Records Quarterly -- A Series, Part 2: The Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 3

Look at those beautiful images! It's incredible.  As I've said so many times, the artwork is always worth resuscitating as well as the music.

I should have checked Wikipedia first for information on this series.  From there:

The RēR Quarterly (also known as Rē Records Quarterly and RēR Records Quarterly) was an English "quarterly" sound-magazine comprising an LP record and a magazine. It was published at irregular intervals between 1985 and 1997 by Recommended Records and November Books, and edited by English percussionist, lyricist and music theorist, Chris Cutler. It was sold internationally by Recommended Records via mail order and in specialist record shops.
A total of thirteen issues were published (four volumes of four, four, three and two issues respectively) plus two "collection" issues featuring music selections from volumes 1 and 2. From volume 4 the LP was replaced by a CD and the CD and the magazine (now entitled unFILEd: The RēR Sourcebook) were sold separately or together as a set.
The record in each issue contained previously unreleased music by artists from across the world, including commissioned pieces, projects and live recordings. The A4 magazine (varying from 42 to 112 pages per issue) included artwork and theoretical and practical articles on music, often by the composers and performers featured on the record. In keeping with the goals of Recommended Records and its prime mover, Rock in Opposition, a number of new musicians and groups appeared on the records, many having their music published internationally for the first time.
Cutler described the RēR Quarterly as:[1]
... firstly a sound magazine - not a sampler or a compilation, but a window on what was happening, essays in the possibilities of sound, introduction to new people. And secondly a printed magazine without the usual interviews and reviews, avoiding the language and outlook of the vapid music press ...
Paul Oldfield wrote in the English music newspaper, Melody Maker in 1985: "Theirs [RēR Quarterly] is the pursuit of unimaginable, packed in artwork of giddy luminescence."

I will try to scan and post some of the magazines but bear in mind the work involved is unimaginably tedious.  However it would be nice if someone made the effort to return all these to the world in CD format with a reproduction of the magazines, perhaps a box set of all 13 (rather than small CD samplers) would be the best vehicle to restore these to their former splendor.

An exemplary track, Nazca's Nadja:

This Mexican band is well worth collecting out for its wonderfully dark and chamber prog sound especially the first two albums on this discography, called Nazca and Estacion de Sombra.


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  3. Thank you so much for this. I had most of them on vinyl, many many years ago, now long time gone. Thank you, thank you.