Thursday 19 December 2013

Rē Records Quarterly -- A Series, Part 6: The Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 1

This album features Joseph Racaille, the R in RIO band ZNR.  His contribution here called "Pegase" is simply awful and not representative of his compositional talents as evidenced on "6 Petites Chansons" which I think I'll upload next to give you all a break from this stuff.  Unlike other RIOoids I never liked the duo Iva Bittova and Pavel Fajt and in fact overall this edition was a disappointment for me and will thus probably be horrendous for you. 

The track "Imperialism of the Future" is for me the best, by a Swedish band called Ur (or Ur-Kaos).  Their 1987 ST album called Ur-Kaos I recall enjoying greatly, try to hear it.

I really love the first track, by the Blitzoids, called "Puptent", too.  It's simply crazy.