Monday 15 June 2015

CBJ 670's Barigozzi - Fabor: Synthetronics

A very experimental album that is virtually unlistenable, at least to myself, but I would like to thank the library collector friend who shared it with me.  Having said that, it's at least available in lossless format-- hurrah!

In the next two weeks I will be on holidays and will be posting only review-only material.  Have a listen to the sample tracks, all the albums are worth exploring at least for some reason or another.

In early July I will be back with more available music: library, fusion, progressive rock, folk, and some explorations into the unknown-- guaranteed!!


  1. cbj 670

  2. I'm familiar with this one, and am rather a fan. Check out "Mechanical Jungle," for example.

  3. Hi Julian, hope you are having a good holiday and I look forward to reading the reviews you have posted.

    Many thanks for posting Synthetronics, I have wanted to hear this for a long time, so I really appreciate you posting it despite it not been something you personally would have in your collection.

    I would concur with Mr Howard in the comment above and say Mechanical Jungle is the stand out track but the entire album has its moments (not so keen on the more jazzy tracks but I guess that is the flawed beauty of library albums, the mix of genres and styles.)

    I don't know if your library collector friend has any more releases by Fabio Fabor, but I have especially wanted to hear his 1980 album Pape Satan on the Italian label Hard (which was reissued last year but only on vinyl sadly for digital/CD buyers like myself).

    In fact if he has any releases on the Italian labels Hard, Bam, Flam, Ring, World, or Fonovideo, which were all sub-labels of Edizioni Minstrel, I would be really interested in hearing any of them, especially any of the more electronic/experimental/disco releases.

    I know Gianni over at the excellent Boxes of Toys blog posted a couple of albums a while back Fabio Fabor did with Antonio Arena under the artist names of The Astral Dimension and Spacecraft's Men - which are well worth tracking down if you like space-related electronic music of the early eighties.

    PS> Just to let you know, the only link posted was to the MP3 version of the rip, it would be great to hear the lossless rip mentioned in the blog post. Also kudos to you and your library collector friend for the great quality scans.

  4. The lossless of synthtronics?
    I will try despite moribund computer.
    The Pape Satan I have and will post shortly

  5. dying to hear this one in lossless! any chance you could lend a hand?

  6. Sorry, never mind again! I found it on another blog in lossless :)

  7. Dang! I spoke too soon! Still no working lossless link for this great album online. Would really appreciate your help here, J!

  8. please lossless this one? i love it

  9. OK, finally found it:
    this link is limited in time too

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  11. Julianryan, thank you so much for all your efforts and generosity.
    It would be so much appreciated if you could share Fabio Fabor's "Pape Satan". Also, just to let you know that the Synthetronics link no longer works. Best.

    1. the top link in mp3 still works
      here is pape satan