Saturday 20 June 2015

US Air Force Band Rock Group's Mach One [no download, but have a listen to this killer track]

For the most part consisting of cover versions of annoying pop hits the last song is a true stunner of a composition and the reason I posted this here.  I will honestly say there is no reason to listen to the remainder, but oh what a shock when I heard that last track composed by one of the US army dudes (whose name is Mike Crotty) in the band, presumably the singer.  It's absolutely an out-of-the-ballpark hit song which sadly never made it big anywhere, I'm guessing.  Have a listen to Fly Away:

If anyone can tell me about any cover versions or anything about this hit, please comment below.  I would love to know if some other more famous singer did a cover that charted somehow somewhere, because this composition really doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

Unfortunately it's difficult to do a search for it due to the sheer commonness of the title: there have been many other songs with the same.

Notice that this group made a few records.  I have the next one and with a cover version of "Stairway to Heaven" - you just know that it can't be worth hearing.  And you'd be mostly right.  Notice that on their 1983 record, they covered Rush's classic Tom Sawyer: you've got to be kidding me!!  sacrilege!  off with their heads!  oops-- that's not appropriate at all...
You can't touch that song.  You just can't.

Here's the tracklist:

A1 Wake Up The World
Written-By – MSgt Mike Crotty

A2 Betcha By Golly Wow   [EGADS!]
Written-By – L. Creed*, T.Bell

A3 Love Do Me Right
Arranged By – TSgt Mike Askew*, MSgt Mike Crotty*

A4 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Arranged By – MSgt Mike Crotty
Written-By – Stevie Wonder

B1 Dancin' And Singin'
Arranged By – MSgt Mike Crotty
Written-By – L. Graham*

B2 Together Forever
Arranged By – TSgt Chuck Carthan
Written-By – TSgt Vernia Lewis*

B3 This Masquerade
Arranged By – MSgt Mike Crotty
Written-By – Leon Russell

B4 Fly Away
Written-By – MSgt Mike Crotty

And let's give a big shout out to those troops fighting for democracy, liberty, the american way of life and the freedom of the US govt to spy on everyone and arrest anybody! Let's salute those wonderful soldiers in those faraway bunkers in the Midwest where after playing video games all night they get to control those unmanned drones over foreign territory dropping bombs on muslim schoolkids (no girls of course, only boys) and wedding parties!  This song is for you... And be sure to stick a yellow ribbon on your Dodge Ram back bumper to show your support for them methamphetamine- or alertec-fueled night pilots dropping bombs on random targets in faraway countries committing what is usually called murder in their home countries, but it's always ok in muslim countries, after all, they dared to kill US citizens and for this they have been sentenced to death, and hey, why not export capital punishment since the US is the only Western country that still does this (at least if you're black-- if you're white you get life in jail)-- call it takeout capital punishment, you know, like Panda Express, who deliver Chinese food to your door, we can deliver capital punishment to your home countries...

And all my apologies if I offended anyone with the above satire!
Please enjoy Fly Away!!


  1. Whether the tunes are decent or not, any chance of posting the rest of this, if only because some of us enjoy these kinds of private pressings. Thanks

  2. Thanks, and thanks for ALL the great stuff you bring to us!

  3. Any chance of posting the rest of the LP? Thanks for all you do, great stuff.