Wednesday 10 June 2015

CBW 659: Mood Music Library,1973, Studies For Guitar And Drama Beat [download again]

Quick break from the gems to bring you a gift from my library collector friend.

This is a better than average library album with some interesting music; despite the title it's not all guitar soloing.  First example a representative track featuring the guitar, Tikiunka:

Incidentally, the guitarist's name is Erich Fresti and he is also credited as a German film composer-- not surprisingly.

On the second side an orchestral number called Bussy and Brassy:

Notice how this teen-beat 60s discotheque style moves almost imperceptibly into modulations and more intricate sounds, thanks to a composition by the formidable Illin:

Of course, this same E. Illin I commented on favourably in the past in the context of "Mixed Shorties", and Gert Wilden, the famous German composer, also contributes at the end of side b.  Check it out!



  2. Please upload Alex Cima & On-Line ‎– Solid State Genre:
    Electronic, Jazz, Rock thanks Lp 1986

  3. Hi Julian, hope you are well, I see it's Charles Brull day on Progressive Review! Loved the Mixed Shorties album and this is simply excellent. Many thanks to your good self and your library collector friend for this gem.

    If your friend has any of the Giancarlo Barigozzi/Fabio Fabor/Giampiero Boneschi releases on this label, they would make splendid future posts!

    1. Here is the most experimental and unlistenable album in Brull series by Giampiero Boneschi..


  4. Thank you, Julian.

    I really enjoy your Charles Brull uploads and your cover scans are always immaculate and LARGE. Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing."

    Thanks again, Julian!

  5. Hey Julian - hope you had a good summer, I see you have been busy posting some seriously good music and can't wait to check some of them out - just wanted to thank you so much for posting the rip of Giampiero Boneschi's Synthetics album - I got the rip from Pornotrond ages ago and lost it in a hard drive crash - which I was gutted about as track 8 is incredible - sounds like something that could have come out in 1992 never mind 1972.

    You are definitely not alone in finding the album unlistenable - I think being brought up here in the UK in the seventies with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop providing similar kinds of electronic music for kids school and tv programmes like the Tomorrows People completely conditioned me to love the bleeps and bloops of Boneschi - anyway, thanks for that as the link over at Pornotrond's is dead - actually, I'll go and post a link now for him. Cheers, mate!