Monday 8 June 2015

Pollen's Ry D'Oxhe, Belgium 1978


This album has always been highly in demand and presumably quite expensive if one should try to purchase a copy (note last copy sold on discogs though was only 100 usd).  The review there is completely inaccurate:

This group from the South of Belgium (meaning they were French-speaking) made an interesting album, which combined the spacious sound of Pulsar, Dragon (the Belgian group) with the more poetic and dramatic Ange inspired progressive rock with an odd combination of Dylan-esque street folk and depressing blues. For 1978, this is indeed a good album. It featured a surprising rendition of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”

Any group that felt the need to cover Lucy in the sky definitely can be easily dismissed, no?  I have trouble finding a song I can recommend hearing.  So instead I will present the first, title track:

Track 8 is a blues that to me is abominably bad:

So, this time, I disagree completely with Tom.  This shouldn't even be listened to, once.  But here it is anyways.