Thursday 4 June 2015

Roberto Picchi - Raggi di Sole 1976

Again, from Tom:

Picchi's sole work is technically listed as a singer-songwriter album, but with most of the tracks exceeding 7 minutes, you can bet that instrumental progressive rock music is also being employed. Acoustic guitar, violin, piano, sax, flute and hand percussion lead the instrumental parade. Comparisons to the best of Claudio Rocchi, Mauro Pagani and Emilio Locurcio wouldn't be out of place. A late era Fonit-Cetra release, and comes at the tail end of the original Italian progressive rock movement. One of the very few Italian progressive rock albums still not on CD. Features a wonderful gatefold cover. A natural choice for BTF.

Priority: 3

Absolutely agreed.  Here is a wonderful track called Basilea which goes through all the gorgeous changes that are the hallmark of progressive rock: modulations, dissonances, odd arpeggios, etc.:

For me, the chamber music composition starting with woodwinds is what really knocks me out.  Long live prog...