Saturday 12 November 2016

Eduardo Moreno, the amazing unknown progressive music composer...

His information is in the database already.  Note that this Spaniard made his music in the unheard-of years (for classic prog) of 1990 to 1995.  As I've said so many times before, it's just such a shock to hear such delightful standard issue prog (like on the Ocean albums) from a totally unexpected quarter.
Nor are they even known at all, they weren't to me and probably won't be to you-- so these two surely should get the trophy for most obscure good prog that no one knows about.

This is keyboard-driven with some electronics but enough variety to spare us from the soporific tendencies of "berlin-school" electronics.

Track 7 from the "Imaginary Film" is called Nada:

Clearly worthy of being included in a soundtrack perhaps of a depressing French film involving family deaths, such a common feature there. Notice how effectively the banged-out echoing chords work on the strange chord changes.

From Ultimo Hombre, track 4 is clearly a lesson in classic prog:

It's part of a suite and it's called Opera Omnia, Parte II: La Creación.  Wow.

And of course many of us are still filled with sadness since November 8th, as we reflect on the Last Man, thinking about the future of our people and the democracy which I suppose everyone in the West lately has really taken for granted, with so many not bothering to take part in it.  Even the ancient Greeks realized it's the most unstable political system and can easily be waylaid by a demagogue / tyrant especially when the people have become too pampered and complacent and the oligarchy too powerful.  I'll go right out and say it, by electing a joke president the country is now a joke too.  The America that was so proud and amazing in the past, an example to the entire rest of the world, the financial, scientific, and artistic nucleus-- it's now gone?


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  2. Hello Julian,
    Track 4 is a very strong track ! Maybe too strong !

  3. Is there a possibilty to upload this music. It sounds amazing.
    Great Blog!



  4. both albums