Monday 7 November 2016

Ocean came back in 1984 with Double Vision

More from this astonishing and sadly unknown duo, whose additive effect in their two records in my opinion is far superior in result to similar additions Diethelm + Famulari or Fuhrs + Fruhling, etc.  In particular, as I always repeat, the clear classical education on the part of the keyboardist, whose name incidentally is Peter Kunz, creates some really unheard-of textures and harmonies/dissonances, as in the Ballade Zwo:

Like on Diethelm / Famulari, there also are some pretty gross syrupy songs, as you'd expect from the year 1984-- I want my MTV!

Unfortunately, unless I am mistaken, Peter doesn't seem to have released more compositions to the world.  But thank god he gave us these two X 3/4 hour platters to hear.

And a beautiful new high-quality rip from a clear vinyl for which we have my friend to thank again...



  2. Killer!!!
    Ahead of their time for sure,thats the beauty of music
    Jazz Fusion for ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OK Julian
    this piece is really refined ! it' s clearly timeless music !
    Great !