Saturday 26 November 2016

Iskander's Best album, Boheme, from 1982 [brief posting only]

German complex symphonic rock band, mainly instrumental with rich keyboards, fluid guitar, elements of Camel, Streetmark, Anyone's Daughter, Novalis, even spacious Ashra.

They also remind me a great deal of Odyssee's White Swan, which is the masterpiece symphonic German album from that time, for me.  

It appears they made four albums in total, quite widely spread out from early eighties to 1990, but this one called Boheme 2000 is by far the best progressive composition.  The first, Peter Tassius's Ouverture, is mostly piano.

Easily the track Eltneg Tnaig (turn it backwards to understand) tells their prog credentials in full:

I can up all the others if there is any interest at all.


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  2. Thanks Julian. I'd be interested in hearing the others. I bought the CD after hearing this one. Looks like there's some extended tracks and bonus material on it.

    1. wow, no kidding, I didn't know that. Thx for that info.

    2. Strongly recommend that cd!! astonishing!

  3. wow, just wow! this band is simply amazing, so much talent, thanks for sharing!