Saturday 5 November 2016

Ocean's Keyboards and Percussion: Melody from 1981

From our Friend Tom at CDRWL

This came as a big surprise, as most of these small German presses from the early 80s are best left alone. And with a moniker like Ocean, a band name that must have been used 269 times by then, the word "generic" couldn't slip my mind. Until I put the disc on that is. If you're looking for references, "Symphonic Pictures" era SFF isn't a bad place to start. It's not quite in that league, but it's not like the world is filled with similar albums to SFF's debut. Plenty of mellotron (including the much loved choir). Maybe Odyssee's "White Swan" is another good check point. On the same label as Nanu Urwerk. This one for certain should be reissued by Garden of Delights or Musea. Both labels would enjoy success with this title.

Totally agree with that, as well in places it reminds me of the classic Italian mellifluous keyboard bands like Le Orme, or any other of the ELP imitations that were so much less harsh.

Their Wild Pig:

Many thanks for this superb sounding rip and the chance to post it for everyone to enjoy!



  2. Really stunning!!!
    The other album exists?
    I posted some requests a long time before Julian but you havent responsed till now...

    1. yes! second album coming up tomorrow...
      which requests, please refresh my memory

    2. 1)

    3. oh yes, thanks for reminding, I can definitely help you out, though it will be a while since I have a backlog now to get through!

  3. This is great music, thank you!

  4. This is a very enjoyable music.