Monday 28 November 2016

Iskander remainder: Ouverture (1980), Mental Touch (1987) and Another Life (1990)

All their covers really were beautiful, I particularly love the Bacon / de Chirico-like last one.  The first album, credited to keyboardist Peter Tassius and the band, is the most rare, while all the remainder I believe were released back to CD.

They all have their moments, even surprisingly the last one, but only Mental Touch approaches the aforeposted Boheme 2000 in its inventiveness and compositional skills.


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    1. 1980

  2. Thanks a lot for these. You mentioned Odyssey's White Swan on another post. I found a rip on Ezhevika Fields. I love the album, but the rip has snippets of the following tracks on the end of four songs. I removed those little clips off those tracks. Not really satisfied with my results. Do you have a rip of that album?
    I don't usually make requests, but that album really is a special case. It's outstanding! Either way, big thanks again.