Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Edo Zanki / Don Anderson's other early record, Feelin' Alright from 1971

Again an astonishingly beautiful cover painting.

I mentioned in the last Don Anderson post that this earlier album was not as perfected as the next one, The Eagle Flies.  It's more bluesy and basic rock.  The fact that the album's title is a cover version of the old radio hit "Feelin' Alright" gives you a significant clue.  There are some well-composed rock songs in here but not much of the interesting mild progressive aspects of the next record.  I find the singer's voice really really enjoyable though, this is a man like Mick Jagger who was born to sing rock music.

My favourite track here is the A4 "Morning Dew," note the effort at sounding like Elton John:

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