Monday, 4 November 2013

Jean-Charles Capon et Christian Escoudé de Confluence (Quatre Voyages, Arkham) présentent Les 4 Éléments en 1976


In the first two Confluence albums, Quatre Voyages (1976) and Arkham (1977) which should be well-known to the progressive fan, these two artists played cello and guitar, respectively.  They disappeared the next year by the time of the third album called Chroniques Terrestres.  So I was very excited when I saw this library-like album they made together outside of Confluence though contemporaneous.
Both men were relatively prolific:
(Notice that Capon was in the Baroque Jazz trio with George Rabol, who in 1970 made a wonderful French fusion album that is strongly recommended.)
The guitarist Christian Escoude has a kind of gypsy style which is not really in evidence on this particular record on the subject of the four elements.

The track I will sample is the most beautiful and most similar to Confluence circa Arkham, L'Air:


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    1. new up

  2. Thanks, Julian,

    Could you upload these prognotfrog albums:

    Also, I know these are not really prog records, but they don't seem to be anywhere:
    Mick Rogers - "Rivers" and "Bring Back the Night" (Both 1986 singles)
    Eddie Hardin - Situations (1988)
    Hardin & York - Hardin & New York (1979)
    Aviator - Both albums

    Thanks again.


  3. By Aviator, I meant these two albums: ST (1979) and Turbulence (1980) Could you also post Jack Lancaster's 1980 album "Skinningrove Bay"?

  4. I will ask you in advance for patience as these may take some time and some of them I might not have, which I'll let you know about. Thanks for posting the dates of issue since it makes it easier to find the files in the backup collection, from where I have to dig them out.

  5. Here's Varis first to kick things off:

  6. Apprentice rough draft:



  9. On "boxes-of-toys" another album by Jean-Charles Capon was supposed to be shared.
    Gianni the owner failed to fulfill the promise.
    It would be great if someone shared the album here.

    Jean-Charles Capon ‎– L'Univers-Solitude
    Label:Saravah ‎– SH 10 008

  10. This is a relatively expensive record which I don't have. I will ask him about it.
    The cover is magnificent.'univers-solitude.html

  11. Happy New Year Julian, Any chance for a new link?

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  13. Julian, It looks like I missed the confluence bus any chance you can help? Mostly the first two and mp3 is wonderful for me. If not thank you for all your work.

  14. no problem. I'll post them all (3), they are all fantastic, and I love that avant-garde jazz the French did so well.

  15. Wow Julian, I love it too, Your generosity floors me I am left speechless I can barely get out another thank you thank you thank you.

  16. It's not that big a deal since they are on the computer already, just a matter of uploading.
    Believe me, it's more about spreading this music that I adore, than anything else.

  17. It is a big deal to me, from the first time I heard J.C.CAPON he caught my attention his cello has a very organic tone setting him apart from others. BTW there is a trio album BLUE RONDO A LA TURK with J.C.CAPON,RICHARD GALLIANO & GILLES PERRIN I highly recomend from 1982 available on cd.