Monday, 11 November 2013

Fungus - Premonition (UK 1973)

Sorry, but this is the closest we could come to cover art for this one, as it was issued in a plain white sleeve in a very limited quantity.   Since It ripped off the cover art from the CD Reissue Wish List site, I may as well rip off the album description as well.

Fungus - Premonitions. 1973 private (demo only)

Fungus issued this one demo album, released in a plain white sleeve. It's about 38 minutes long and the music is a mix of progressive rock and electronic oriented music. Fungus is post Second Hand / Chillum and pre-Seventh Wave - and the music seems to be the transition from one style to the other. It's an orchestral oriented progressive rock, with long instrumental electronic journeys. A ridiculously rare artifact that is near impossible to find.

I've had this on tape for close to 20 years. I gave it to a friend a few years ago without realizing its historical importance, and I didn't make a copy for myself. When Gnosis friend and colleague Jim H. started pestering me for a copy, I knew I'd made a mistake. Unfortunately my friend had misplaced the tape - and it took 3 years to find! But after an exhaustive search through his home - he found it! So here we are. Not the greatest album I've ever heard, but a nice one for the UK progressive style as found on the Dawn or Transatlantic labels.



  2. Yea, that cover photo came from an ebay auction as captured by Popsike. Nice find!

  3. Holy Fox!
    This is biggie!
    Will certainly be looking forward to more from your blog.
    Do you take requests?

    I have many out-of-print lp listening wants.

    Here are six:

    Anders Koppel : valmuevej
    Beo Wulf - too late to turn back
    Heads of Our Time - subtle art of self-destruction
    Frigate - dreams of the Deep
    Stefan Zauner - Narziss

  4. sorry I only have Stefan Zauner, I will get to it in a bit.

  5. Fantastisch!
    Actually it is my mainwant.
    No one has this.

    Julian, I have some 50 out-of-print wants.

    Perhaps I can EM you the list?

  6. sure, email to

  7. Just now got to listening to Fungus.
    What an absolute shame this delightful music only made it to demo!

    It starts off with instrumental exactly like something Godfrey of the Enid would write. Then with the vocals track, its happy-prog along the lines of opening track on the second Fireballet lp.
    It ends with a Christmassy instrumental with thick synths reminding of Larry Fast.


  8. It really is remarkable. Tom would be all over a CD reissue of this.

  9. I have a near mint copy of the FUNGUS album "PREMONITIONS" which I will be listing on Ebay early October 2014, there is only a white sleeve and cover, the labels are very slightly off centre, anyone interested keep a look out for my listing.
    rude256 (Pete Wieland)

  10. Please note there is one already for sale on ebay for the moment:

  11. I have another on sale here

  12. I have a copy up for sale now

  13. I have one for sale too, if anyone wants this

    1. yes I do how much do you want to pay for it