Saturday, 30 November 2013

Jazz Impression - Le Vice et la Paresse, France 1978

After hearing the superb Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann's Imagination, Enigme Infini, I checked his discography to see if possibly there are more treasures to be unearthed.  Oddly enough this brilliant sax and flute player did not have a lot of credits in terms of composition.  The one piece by him on this 1978 outing, called "Si le Coeur eclate" is just stunning though, very much of the same temperament and style as the previous posting, with chamber arrangements to add immense interest.  In fact the whole record turned out to be mysteriously gorgeous and brilliantly composed, the majority from the pianist whose name is Francois Couturier.  He as well is not quite as prominent in a seventies discography as one would expect or hope.

The album title (vice and laziness) is taken from the side-long suite which takes up the whole of the second side, written again by the pianist.  This was recorded in Tours, a beautiful city in the Loire valley with a gorgeous cathedral and many medieval-era houses.  The Loire valley, in the Western part of France, is brimming with gorgeous fairy-tale castles in a forested and bucolic landscape and is to me (like clichéd Tuscany) one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Anyways, this is how we try to discover lost treasures, by following long-lost leads, cold cases now sitting in bins in record stores all over the world, one of which might turn out to be a classic utterly forgotten to mankind...

Anyone have any idea of a good free uploader for song samples?  Now I have exhausted my 2-hour free limit for soundcloud, which is a beautiful site, but I don't want to spend a dozen dollars a month on something that I am doing for nothing.



    Now upcoming in the next couple of weeks: more library material as requested some time back, more chamber RIO for those who love really progressive material, more straightforward rock for those who love the basic style, revisiting an old artist that I was very curious to hear more from.
    And always there is the hope of finding one utterly unknown beautiful gem.

  2. I read your review of the LP Jazz Impression - Le Vice et la Paresse, France in 1978 and I was very interested to hear, I'm sorry to be asking all the time w / you post any LP I find on your blog, is que I recently discovered and most are no longer available. I am Brazilian and I can not write in English so I use google translator, excuse the grammatical error

  3. no problem. Here it is: