Saturday, 2 November 2013

The complete discography of the legendary American songwriter J. F. Murphy from 1970 to 1975

These albums were requested by the prognotfrog group and I have them from there and thanks to their work. 

I uploaded them for those who might still need them because in my opinion they are classics in American songwriting.

All of them are here so we can have a completion on this brilliant artist.

J.F. Murphy's 1970 ST album

J.F. Murphy and Free Flowing Salt - Almost Home from 1973

Murphy's Law - Urban Renewal

 Finally, the J. F. Murphy and Salt albums, ST from 1972 and Last Illusion from 1973, thanks to isabelbc from prognotfrog:

"And so the wheel of life will turn
and you will be all alone,
with just a memory of me.
And though I die a natural death
many years from now
let them write upon my stone
he was murdered by a friend
when his last illusion rolled around.

Some say that love
will burn you more than fire
'cause love burns deep inside your head.
But when a friend goes bad--
well that's the last illusion.
Friendship is the only beast
that's never been known to bite until it's dead"


  1. The first 1970 ST album:

    Murphy with free-flowing salt is almost home:

    Murphy's Law and Urban Renewal:

    The other two will be up soon!

  2. The 1972 ST album from J F Murphy and Salt:
    (Bonus, never posted)


  3. The Last Illusion from 1973, probably the best one:


    Please if you have a chance, check the comments people left after Isabel's post of the song on youtube :