Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Kroton - Blaue Sonne from 1979 Deutschland

This is one of those utterly gorgeous acoustic guitar duetting albums that were common back in the day, but are an abandoned artform today, at least so far as I know.  The extremely advanced education the 2 instrumentalists received shines through fully in all the pieces here.  It really brings me a lot of joy to purchase a cheap record like this, still quite inexpensive, and find that the music inside is so beautiful and can be listened to again and again.  "Healing guitar music" as master shige calls it so appropriately.

The two artists are Stefan Löschner and Gernot Gingele both of whose discographies are relatively empty otherwise.

I will let the music speak for itself.

I apologize for not posting more lately due to being too busy with work,  And in fact with Christmas coming soon I will be even more busy in the next month and a half.


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  2. Hello.

    Julian Ryan, I understand this a very old post, but
    is there maybe a chance,
    just to reupload this album (only in an mp3 format) ¿

  3. No probs bro, now I have a sendspace account, in theory, the files should never be deleted anymore... will do it tomorrow.

  4. New upload, hopefully won't be deleted:

  5. Julian Ryan,
    Thank You! :-)