Friday, 22 November 2013

Torsten Brandes and Ward MacLean are the Mystery Men

Prognotfrog posted their masterpiece, Strange Fruit, here.  In the comments, David Ward MacLean mentioned his thanks for the posting.  He later emailed to indicate he appreciated the positive comments.  In this first installment from these two men highly influenced by Nick Drake, there is less chamber prog and more basic folk and blues, but the songwriting is wonderful.

I believe the links for "Strange Fruit" are dead on that site, if anyone needs that album too let me know.

The highlight of this album is the last song, a 'One-man Reel' and a song so ethereally beautiful and melancholy, it simply takes my breath away.


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  2. Many thanks for this wonderful post! Would love to hear "Strange Fruit" as well, shame the links are dead.

  3. OK, I will repost the second album too.

  4. How weird. Most, if not all, the netkkup files from these blogs I've been clicking on and filling in their captchas have said Error file not available try again later. I've tried registering with them, maybe they want a pay user? The only one that works for me that I recall is this random file- from the wilfully obscure blog, all the rest is weird fail. Tried different browsers, pcs, but haven't tried different network or IP.

  5. That seems odd, but netkups is really on and off lately, I've had problems with it too. This file you were able to download? I see 51 downloads this morning as of Nov. 25th. I will also upload strange fruit shortly.

  6. No can't download the ones on your blog that I've tried. It could be browser cache, torrents, or the ping (130ms) I have because I'm on a semirural internet, I'll do more tests in the following weeks. I've got lots of work these days but hopefully one day in the future I can find sometime to download these somewhere else or on a vps, so don't worry about it or look for another filehoster as I'm quite sure it's an issue my end.