Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stefan Zauner's Narziss from 1976, Germany [by request]

Some information about this record can be found here.   Unfortunately I don't have a verso image, for which I apologize, perhaps someone else can provide one?  I do find it annoying myself when there are such deficiencies so I can understand others feeling the same.  But the progressiveness in here, I hope, will provide a countering positivity that will be highly welcome to many ears.

Consider for example the third track, Pfeffer, which recalls Kansas' Spider or perhaps more appropriately some ELP keyboard dissonances based on chromatic riffs and tritones. 

Subsequently the tenor singing of Stefan comes in and now suddenly we think we are hearing Solar Plexus's Tommy Korberg singing the Spider from their second album.   Of the three arachnoid songs I think Zauner's is perhaps the weakest, but we should not be comparing, at this late stage in collecting, this album with Swedish Solar Plexus or American early Kansas --  there are always some who get upset with these comparisons and feel they have to proclaim the feebleness of this offering in comparison to the true masterpiece progressives.  Unfortunately like many of you out there, I am too tired of  ELP and the others to even enjoy them anymore, something that inevitably provokes a comment from my wife relating to me getting tired of her so that I can look at other females out there in the world which I have to strenuously deny in mathematical proportion to the level of her current mood of insecurity (but of course not mine).  Amazingly at low levels a simple laugh at her remark is sufficient, so perhaps I am lucky, as I can then put my headphones back on.  Such is marriage and prog collecting.


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