Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing Day Specials: Early Times Second Album 1976

From our old friend Tom:

Not to be confused with the contemporaneous Early Times String Band (a Japanese 70s folk-rock ensemble that has become slightly better known due to a couple of reissue/archival releases), this incredibly obscure album was the second effort of a local Sapporo based group. Their first is so rare that, while it must exist, has apparently never been glimpsed a single time by even the most hardcore Japanese collectors after all these years. All that aside, what we have here is a very interesting anachronism that sounds more like an underground Japanese take on early 70s British proto-progressive styles than anything else. Even the Monty Python-esque cover art seems to point in that direction. It kicks off with with an extremely cool horn rock-ish affair, featuring vintage organ, electric piano, funky percussion and psych guitar backed by a female chorus to great effect. This is followed by a lengthy proto-prog style guitar/organ led jam that slowly builds in intensity, with some great soloing. The rest of the first side then kind of puts on the breaks, with a couple of slow blues rock pieces that still have a very palpable early 70s UK feel to them. The second side starts with another gradually building instrumental jam, that eventually hits an awesome groove while the soloing breaks out overhead, before slowing down again into a more pensive mood. We then reach the real climax of the album, with the nearly 13 minute long final track. Building slowly once again (a hallmark of theirs, it seems), this starts out in a jazzy/bluesy horn rock mode, then builds in intensity as the soloing picks up and the vocals join in again, ending in a long crescendo of bluesy psych guitar soloing over the horn rock/proto-prog style jamming. Great stuff, and the whole album has a very loose, underground sound and vibe that is just flat out cool.

Personally I wasn't so impressed with this, though my taste is deficient when it comes to the more 'psych' sounds others seem to go crazy over.  At any rate this demonstrates the principle that no matter how rare a record, eventually a digital version will turn up somewhere or another, in this case, here.  That is, if you're paying attention, or still on the lookout for it.

For me the most listenable track is b1, Time Out:

Check out the inserts included in the package that show how the musicians wanted to show off their ability at writing music correctly (as did Noctett on Full Score).



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  4. Time Out is really a nice track.

  5. Julian (or anyone who might know), do you have the complete tracklist for this album, and could you please post it here? Thanks!

    1. All thanks to my friend of course:

      The tracklist is the following ........

      A1 Mamalade Sky 
      A2 Samui Kisetsu .....means ....Cold Season
      A3 Billy's Ballade
      A4 Tabi no fukidamari ....means ....Drift of the journey

      B1 Time Out
      B2 Love Song