Monday, 12 December 2016

Masa Matsuda and Yuji Ohno collaborate in 1979's Silent Dialogue

One item missing from the Ohno discography in digitalese this seemed like it should be a duo but it's a regular orchestral album, a bit light to the touch being from the later seventies when fusion was degenerating into fuzak like those large birds that lost the power of flight on islands like New Zealand.  A little deficient along the time dimension as well.  Information here.

The first track is by Ohno and it's called Midspace Action, a promising title indeed, too bad like most parents of young children around this time of year, it cannot keep those:

Not that there are no euphonious sounds to be found upon listening all the way through-- consider the Matsuda-played theremin-like organ on the last track, called Mirage:

And the downgoing scale at the end is kind of Christmasy too, isn't it?


  1. lossless limited time only:


  2. Thanks a lot bro, I spend so much time searchin' for this gem. Amazin' Blog, Saludos desde México!

  3. Great ,thanks.Looking forward to listen to this.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Thanks for everything you do here.

  4. same to you, have a great Christmas!