Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas: Gianni Fallabrino's Music for Sensations, 1971

Don't you love that early seventies / sixties cover?  It reminds me a lot of the French artist who animated la Planete Sauvage which also had such a great soundtrack (by Alain Goraguer).

Some of these Italian library records are astonishingly expensive.  When we listen to them-- finally--  we are often left with a sense of shock.  Like waking up on November 9th this year.  This one usually sells in the hundreds of euros, but clearly, is not necessarily musically worth that much, and you can now decide this issue for myself.  It appears that this was his first Library record, he made quite a few more of which the 1980 Europa album was posted earlier along with Momenti here.

The problem here is not to waste too much money on something disappointing, although these particular libraries thanks to those anonymous faceless collectors (the basement dwellers as my wife calls them) do get more valuable, usually, as the years pass, very slowly.  Nor does making a digital copy available seem to affect the price on ebay or discogs in general, which is always a bit surprising.

Back to the music for sensations.  I will say this is like standard-issue early 70s library music with a wide-ranging mixture of funk, easy listening, simple melodies, and occasional nods lasting on the order of a second or two in the direction of the more progressive music going on in the background of the decade, on occasional songs.  The track For Cynthia is available on youtube here, and the other one uploaded there is Impression.

Thank you Gianni...
...and more to come.


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    1. new up

  2. thank you brother for all music wich you sharing,have a good time and keep posting please,i never said thanks and listen a lot of your music.

  3. What a splendid treat!
    Perfect for relaxing in the holiday afterglow,
    love that 2nd these obscure library gems,
    Thanks a lot bro!
    ...hey maybe you might be able to help me with this,
    been looking for the Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group's lps of Erik Satie music, The Velvet Gentleman from 1970 and
    Through A Looking Glass from 1971...
    Thanks again my friend!

  4. Please upload this album
    many thanks in advance