Monday, 5 December 2016

Mats Holmquist's Tales of Times from 1986

Progressive fusion of the highest caliber, this ranks with our old favourites, the famed Finnforest.  How could it have escaped notice for so long, how was it possible?

An album which shockingly is not listed (yet) in the database.  However, a note appears on the artist's website though sadly missing the music in question.

Track three, Lazy Waves (note that the song titles are rather generic):

Some of the material strays into the easy jazz vocal category, reminding me of 1980s Diane Schuur or I guess from these pages the famous Joi's First Impressions.  About half of the record reminds me of them.  The other half though-- is pure masterpiece, pure gold man, pure gold, big nuggets from the last gold rush...

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  1. Mats:

    Dave Pike on a gentle note:

    and the jiro inagaki funky stuff: