Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Esko Linnavalli New Music Orchestra's A Good Time Was Had by All

Recall the album Strings? (Donner - Aaltonen).  Esko was the keyboardist on that one and for that reason I sought this out.  He also appeared in a half-joke half-serious instrumental library style album called On The Rocks in 1972 with another Finn which I wouldn't recommend.

This album is bipolar, veering between a bluesy basis of big band fusion and some tightly entertaining fusionoid sounds that take it into the right direction-- albeit briefly only.  Consider the best track, Eclipse:

And maybe don't consider the rest? Up to you.



  2. btw I guess I let my sendspace lapse unwillingly (they never notified me) which is why all the old downloads were suspended, they should be accessible now