Friday, 9 December 2016

The Great Gianni Fallabrino and Momenti Musicali from 1973

The album Progetto Europa was the first I heard from him and turned out to be just a delight of masterful library inventiveness.  So thereafter I tried to seek out the remainder of his discography.

On this 1973 library release there is some gorgeous classical chamber music with cello & guitar.  A surprise to hear so much texture with only a duet.  As usual, the melodic bowed cello conjures some of the most plaintive, melancholy, and expressive emotions fit for the standard human brain.

Consider for ex., the track called Third World:

And of course it's quite reminiscent of my old favourite Luciani, from whose work I posted 6 LPs in the past.

Cello – Nazareno Cicoria
Classical Guitar – Veraldo Paolini


  1. Momenti Musicali (73):

    Progetto Europa (80):

    Much more Gianni to come... hopefully the whole discography eventually, so stay tuned

  2. Thank you very much for this rare lp, cheers.

  3. just found your blog, really original stuff!! Thank you, looking forward to exploring it more

  4. An interesting place to put the spotlight! Eager to read your future posts on Fallabrino - thanks a lot.

  5. Would be very grateful for a re-upload of this and Progetto... Grazie mille!